Ramencon 2015 Review!

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Ramencon, as the name implies there was mountains of ramen everywhere.  There was all types of flavors and you could eat as much as you want.  Sounds awesome right, but sadly that’s not what went down during the weekend.  It turns out it was just a ordinary anime convention with no ramen, however we still had fun. 😀

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Ramencon 2015 convention was held at the Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza in Merrillville Indiana, on September 18-20th.  This is its 5th year and still going strong.  This will be our second year attending and just by those two years alone, this a great convention to check out! There so many unique events that Ramencon has that other conventions don’t.


The best thing that Ramencon has going for it, is that every year so far its held in the Radisson Hotel.  That means you don’t have to go outside the hotel to check out a panel or the dealers room. Everything is in one place.  You may think it might get crowed, but no, the hotel is nice and spacious and its easy to get around.  For those who stayed or wanted to stay at the Radisson the hotel rates are affordable, the rooms are great and the staff is very friendly. Not to mention the Mountain-like-waterfall pool they have. Perfect for cosplay photoshoots!

Registration ran really smooth this year.  People are starting to take the hint on pre-register online so they can just show up, pick up their badges and enjoy the con.  We had no problems picking our badges this year.  Everyone we talked to was well informed and were in and out in no time, as well as friendly :D.  When i got there Saturday and Sunday I never saw a line at registration.  I’m glad to see they keeping up that quality.  I hope to see that same quality next year.

The dealers room is always big thing at every anime convention, even with its small size again this year, you still find a lot of great finds.  I notice a lot of dealers selling a lot of figures this year, of course you still find the dealers selling plushies, anime, manga, games and all kinds of anime merchandise.  The only thing i can say about the dealers room is its not that big so dont expect to get lost for hours looking at every vendor.  Since Ramencon is still fairly a small con, you wont find a FUNimation both or any big companies there.  But as i said the con is still fresh and getting more word of mouth every year, so maybe down the line will see big companies make an appearance. Either way you can find tons of anime stuff to buy and take home!

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Artist alley is always fun to explore. You get to see young upcoming artist showing off their art work.  Like the previous years there are two artist alley.  One held in a room and one held outside in the hotels hall way.  The one held in the room most had people showing off their art work, their manga and hand mad plushies.  Outside had the people selling homemade unique anime items like goggles, masks and cosplay material.  If your a big fan of fan art, looking for some homemade items this years Artist alley was the place to be.

Panels can always be a hit or miss at any convention.  Most of the panels attended were really good.  Panels we attended  ranged from presentation of someones favorite anime, a game show, bad hentai dubbing and voice actors explain their life of a voice actors.  One of our memebers from APL was able to make it for Friday of the con,  She had an amazing time going to a lot of adult theme panels hosted by some of the guest, but we will keep its legacy and not tell you about it! You will have to experience it for yourself, what fun it that if we spoil it? One thing we can let you know is expect guest to cut looses and have fun. “What ever happens at the panel stays in the panel”  The sad part is all the fun for adult panels (over 18 panels) all took place on Friday night, leaving Saturday night panels really empty. In the end the panels we did have a chance to go too were really fun!
I Play GamesIf panels are not really your thing there is always the game room and table top room.  The game was hosted by our friends at I Play Games.  They offered a wide range of games to current gen to classic game titles.  When you walk in you’ll see someone playing the new Mortal Kombat game and right next to them you’ll see someone playing Power Stone 2 on a Dreamcast.  What ever your game preference you may have chances are they’ll have the game your’re looking for.

If video games are not your cup of tea you can always chill out in the table top room.  Where you can show off your mad duel monster skills or Magic skills.  If card games are not your thing you can always play the many different verity of board games they have to offer.  They have basic board games like chess to more board games i never seen before.  If you need a place to relax or just to make new friends the board game room is definitely for you.


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The masquerade is another big must at every anime convention.  There you get see amazing cosplayers showing off their amazing cosplay.  Last years masquerade was really terrible.  It was really unorganized, the audio was really bad, the hosts seem totally lost.  The cosplayers were great, but they didn’t have much direction on what to do.  This years masquerade compared to last years was night and day.  Everything was well organized, the audio for the walk on and skits were almost 100% sync.  A few mistakes here and there, but all in all it was a great masquerade. Samurai Dan and his wife Jillian were fantastic hosts, keeping the crowed entertain as well as the walk-ons.  This years masquerade was fantastic, im glad they learned from their mistakes last year and made this and incredible show.


Not into anime, not into games?  You just want to dance?  Well luckily for you Ramencon has a rave.  The rave had many DJ’s such as DJ Kagamine, Rice Mage, Mu Meux and Froknight running the show.  The rave is full of energy, everyone jumping up and down and lasting really late.  It seem everyone was enjoy themselves, it was full but never too crowed and the music was catchy to dance to.  All I can say was the rave is always a great place to dance the rest of the night away.

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Ramencon has one event that really stood out and no other con has it this event, that would be the anime swap meet.  This is where anyone can sign up and bring all there manga, anime, figures, games and what else they don’t want and sell them, think of it as an anime flee market just for the attendees!  You really don’t know what to expect, but do expect to find really good amazing treasures. You might find manga series you been wanting to buy and you get it for a really low price.  I know Alex found a few figures shes been wanting to get and got them for almost nothing.  A word of advice, when they have this next year really look at everyone table, because you might miss a really rare gem. This is a must go to event, also one thee highlights of Ramencon for the year.

Truely this con was a blast!  If you live in the Midwest area and you Anime Central and Anime Midwest this is a convention you have to add to your list to check out.  From Chicago is about a hour and half drive and its really worth the trip.  If you have a chance to go, GO!  Had a great time and i can’t wait for next year!

We’d like the thank Chris and his team for providing such an amazing convention and making it one of a kind! We can’t wait for next year! 😀


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