Pick up Some Classics Sega games like Jet Set Radio for free on Steam

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Can’t afford Street Fighter V?  Guess what Sega has your back!  Sega is giving away Jet Set Radio as well as many other classic games.  This free promotions is part of Sega’s third annual Make War Not Love strategy game marathon on Steam this week.

The Make War Not Love event is where fans were fans get to choose sides between two publisher’s war games. Sega’s three war games will against one another publishers game.  In the end the end it doesn’t really matter who wins, because the real winners is us.

You can grab the first bundle right now!  The bundle includes Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, and Sega Classics.   If these games don’t tickle your fancy the next bundle will be coming up soon.  The next bundle will have Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, and Condemned: Criminal Origins. The third one will include Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Viking: Battle for Asgard.