Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Launches on September 19

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Capcom has released the first Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite story trailer, which gives us closer look at more characters and how all these heros from different worlds come together.  Besides this new trailer Capcom have given us the released date for the game, which will be September 19, 2017.

Check out the trailer:

The trailer gave us a closer look at some of the new characters that will be joining this 2-on-2 tag team game’s roster.  First being from Street Fighter’s is our very own Chun-Li, Strider from Strider, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield.  Now for the Marvel side.  Hulk, Thor Hawkeye, Captain America and Rocket Raccoon.

Different Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite editions and pre-orders have been announced.

  • If you pre-order for $59.99, you will receive Evil Ryu and Warrior Thor outfits.
  • The Deluxe Edition which sets you back $89.99, will give you the game and a character Pass that will add six more characters to the roster. If you pre-order you will get evil Ryu, Command Mission X, Gladiator Hulk, and Warrior Thor costumes
  • The Collector edition gives you everything that i listed in the Deluxe Edition and also 6 LED Infinity Stones in a decorative box and interlinking dioramas featuring Captain Marvel, Chun-Li, Iron Man, and Mega Man X.