FLCL Season 2 and 3 Coming in 2018

Adult Swim’s Toonami official Facebook page just revealed that they will co-produces the next season of FLCL with Production I.G. Season 2 of FLCL will will be a sequel to the original 2001 anime.  The new season will be split into two 12 episodes seasons.  So fans your’re not just getting a new season, your’re getting TWO NEW SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!

If you remember Production I.G Acquired the rights to the FLCL anime last year. They did tease fans that they were going to make a remake for the anime. Now fans can now look forward to a two new seasons for next year.

Along with announcement came a teaser trailer that was shown during Anime Expo.

The story so far:

Naota is a normal student living with his abnormal father and grandfather. One day, a seemingly insane girl named Haruko blazes in from out of nowhere on her Vespa, wielding an electric guitar with a buzzsaw! Haruko moves in with Naota under the pretense of being a housekeeper, but Naota knows there’s something obviously strange about her. To make matters worse, large shapes are growing out of his head, hatching into large monsters that Haruko makes her mission to kill. Who is Haruko really, and what is she after? You won’t find out until the end of this bizarre story.